UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes reflection

The Ultimate Fighting Championship put on another fantastic night of fights in Brazil last night, proving once again that they can assemble the best cards in the business.

I made some predictions about how I thought the fights would go down, and today the crow tastes delicious (truly, it does, have you ever actually tried crow? mmm).  Here’s what happened on the main card.

Fight one: Edson Barboza vs Terry Etim


Yes, yes, I did pick the lanky Englishman to win via submission, but the super talented Barboza crushed my dreams with a SPECTACULAR wheel kick knockout in the third round.  That shit was straight out of Chuck Norris’ playbook, and it left Etim motionless on the canvas (he did walk out under his own power and was seemingly fine).

This fight won “Fight of the Night” honors as I said it would and was an entertaining back and forth affair.  Barboza controlled the distance and the stand-up as expected and found his opening in the third round.  There isn’t much you can do when somebody’s heel comes crashing into your face, and Etim found this out the hard way.  This is an early candidate for “Knockout of the Year” and will be seen on UFC highlight reels for years to come.

My prediction: Etim via submission, Rd Two

Actual Result: Barboza via knockout, Rd 3

 We’re sorrrrryyyyy.

Alright I’m 0-1 and the next fight seemed to be a lock, and it was.  Wait, it wasn’t?  WTFLMFAOOMFGBBQ?!

Fight Two: Erick Silva vs Carlo Prater

This fight went exactly as I thought it would…almost.  Erick Silva pounced on Carlo Prater early in the first round and earned the TKO stoppage after some vicious hammer-fists left Prater unable to continue.

As Silva celebrated though, some bad news for the apparent victor came from referee Mario Yamasaki.  Yamasaki ruled that Silva had landed illegal blows to the back of Prater’s head en route to his TKO victory, thus disqualifying Silva and giving Prater the victory.

The crowd was pissed, commentator Joe Rogan was pissed, Erick Silva was pissed, and I pissed my pants.  I mean, I was pissed too.  Silva lived up to my prediction to a  tea tee lipton   “T,” but wasn’t awarded the victory because of Yamasaki’s controversial ruling.

Freakin’ bogus man.

My Prediction: Erick Silva via TKO rd 1

Actual Result: Carlo Prater via DQ rd 1

Tally: 0-2…technically

Fight Three: Rousimar Palhares vs. Mike Massenzio 

The battle of the grapplers, Palhares vs. Massenzio, never made it out of the first round.  What I anticipated to be a back and forth exchange of grappling prowess turned into a one-sided affair as Palhares caught Massenzio in one of his patented heel-hooks and didn’t let go until Massenzio cried mercy.  The referee stepped in to save Massenzio early in the first round.

My Prediction: Palhares via unanimous decision

Acutal Result: Palhares via submission, rd. 1

Tally: 1-2

Fight Four: Vitor Belfort vs. Anthony “My stomach shall never rumble” Johnson

There really isn’t much to say about this fight, Anthony Johnson didn’t make weight (again), and then got his ass kicked in the first round by Vitor Belfort.

Johnson needs to re-evaluate his career and decide what weight he is going to fight at then stick to it.  Until then, he will have nobody’s respect, no matter how talented and promising he is.

My prediction: Belfort via TKO, rd 1

Actual Result: Belfort via submission, rd 1

Tally: 2-2

Main Event: Jose Aldo (c) vs Chad Mendes

Well, I expected this to be a replay of Silva vs. Sonnen, with the wrestler Mendes controlling the action and grinding out a decision over the champ.


After Mendes failed on his first two takedown attempts, I knew my bold prediction was in trouble.  Aldo, who looked a bit sluggish and vulnerable in his previous two defenses, looked quick and agile like a man dubbed the featherweight Anderson Silva should.  After shrugging off Mendes against the fence, he nailed him with a knee then followed up with two quick punches to earn the stoppage with one second left in the very first round.

After the stoppage, Aldo took off into the crowd and celebrated with his Brazilian fans, starting a near riot before returning to the cage on the shoulders of his corner-men.  That, my friends, is #swag.

My prediction: Mendes via unanimous decision

Actual Result: Aldo via KO, rd 1

Final Tally: 2-3

I went two for three on last night’s picks, and, had I just chosen the favorites where I was incorrect, would have been 4-1 (Prater over Silva, as mentioned, was an abomination though; Silva practically won that fight and was even awarded his win bonus).

There’s no fun in picking the favorites though, and the unpredictability of MMA is what makes it so damn fun to watch.  Anybody can win on any given night, but last night was pretty easy pickings.  We saw an absolutely picture perfect knockout and the return to form of the most dangerous featherweight on the planet; all in all, it was a hell of a card and another successful trip to Brazil for the UFC.

Until next time sports fans.






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