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Alltop MMA– Alltop MMA compiles news from the most popular mixed martial arts websites online into one convenient location, making it useful for finding a broad range of MMA updates.

Baltimore Sun Web blog– This is the official MMA blog of The Baltimore Sun.  You can count on its info to be accurate and unbiased.

Bleacher Report– Bleacher Report is a reputable sports news outlet, and their MMA section features breaking news and opinions, making it a useful resource.

Bloody Elbow– Bloody Elbow is one of the best MMA blogs on the web.  It has a ton of info and is constantly being updated, making it a great source for new material.

Century MMA– Century MMA is a great website for the MMA enthusiast who wants to start training.  The sites sells gear for all skill levels.

FindMMAgym– This site is incredibly useful for somebody who wants to start training MMA; it searches by zip code and finds all the major gyms in your area.

Octagon Buzz– Octagon Buzz is the definitive blog for the UFC.  For UFC news/updates, this is the place to go.

UFC– The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the premier mixed martial arts organization. Fighter bios, upcoming fights, past results and a myriad of multi-media components can be found here.

Cagewriter– Cagewriter is Yahoo! sports’ MMA blog.  For reliable, professional material fast, check out Cagewriter.

MMA-core– MMA-core is an “all-puprose” MMA website featuring videos, news and gear for sale.

MMA Junkie– MMA junkie is another great mixed martial arts news site, and it features rumors and speculations along with results and fighter interviews.

MMAmania– MMA mania features fighter profiles, upcoming fight info and results for recent events.

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