Spotlight: Josh Streight, fighting for a purpose

Josh Streight is a 24 year old father, husband and fighter.  Despite suffering hard times in his adolescence and oftentimes falling victim to the many temptations a young adult may face, he has changed his life and shaped a brighter future through mixed martial arts, his wife and his child.  Following is an interview I conducted with Streight.

When did you decide to start training MMA?

I actually used to train a few years ago but I ended up taking a break for a while. I’ve been training hard for a little over a year now.

Where do you train?

My gym is Moundsville Martial Arts. JJ Corley is, through my eyes, the best coach around.

What areas of MMA did you focus on the most at first?

I’d have to say just learning the right way to strike. I had a street fighting background but that just dont fly with MMA.  There is more to fighting than just swingin’, and that’s something I had to figure out the hard way.

What areas do you focus on the most now?

I focus on everything but my favorite would have to be kicks. The legs bring so much power to a fight if you can use them the right way.

What is the most difficult obstacle you face with training?

The schedule. Between working, being a dad and training you dont have time for anything.

What is your favorite component of the sport? Least favorite?

I’d have to say the best part is that I can fight without getting in trouble with the law (laughs). The only thing I dont like about it is that it labels you, so if I were to go out to a bar and people know that I train, chances are that they want to stand up to show their man hood (more laughs). It’s best to just back down and let them have the little bit of limelight that they get out of the situation as opposed to fighting and going to jail.

What do you want to do in the future with MMA?

Honestly i dont have a big future in MMA. I’m already 24 so my window of fame is really small. The reason i stick with it is because im not bad haha and the demands of the sport keep me from the bad habits I had in the past.

What have you learned most or benefitted from the most with training?

Everyone benefits differently from the sport.  I was naturally an angry person in the past, but now I get to get all my aggression out the right way and I can come home and be the best dad/husband that any man can be. I never get angry anymore. I can actually back down and talk my way out of a situation.

What advice would you give a young fighter wanting to start?

I’d say anyone can do it.  Find a gym that fits the style that you want and go with it. My wife is 5’3 100lbs and she has shown amazing progress in kickboxing the past 3 months. We need alot more women to get in the sport. If anyone has any questions contact JJ Corley the owner of Moundsville Martial Arts.

Thank you for your time and keep up the great work!

Thanks man, have a good one.


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