Twitter scavenger hunt thoughts

The Twitter scavenger hunt was hugely entertaining for me. For some reason, I really enjoy talking to strangers and don’t feel uncomfortable doing that (unless they’re offering me Popsicles from their cellar). The scavenger hunt afforded me the opportunity to talk with a bunch of random people and learn things about the University I was previously unaware of, which was really cool.

Besides being entertained with the one-on-one social aspect of the hunt, I enjoyed following other schools’ responses and seeing what their students were coming up with to respond to a similar question set. I saw some beautiful pictures from campuses I have never been (and probably will never be) to, so it was like stationary traveling, if you will.

Although the hunt was fun and entertaining, it was incredibly difficult to post a photo, quote, description and hashtag in 140 characters or less. Oftentimes, I was given a great quote but had to condense it, and I feel the person’s words lose some power in that way. Still though, I got to meet some cool people, learn some neat things and share it with other schools, so the experience as a whole was worthwhile.

The immediate payoff of the hunt was evident as well, as I gained followers and starting following more people almost instantly after the hunt was over. Thanks to the hunt, I have a larger “fan-base” and can reach a wider audience now which will lead to more “effective” tweets. It proved that Twitter can provide instant, open interactions with people from all over the country, and that is just awesome to me.


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