Condit-Diaz rematch set

Carlos Condit, who recently defeated Nick Diaz via unanimous decision at UFC 143, is making one thing clear: he is not afraid of Nick Diaz.

After defeating Diaz in a controversial decision which saw the internet community complaining incessantly for a rematch, Condit has officially confirmed that he is willing to put his doubters to rest.

UFC President Dana White tweeted the news earlier saying,

The rumor is true.  Carlos did accept the fight today.

So why would Condit do this?  He had the interim belt, the win over Diaz and a title fight set against UFC welterweight kingpin and UFC superstar Georges St. Pierre.

His victory upset Diaz so much that Diaz retired saying he “didn’t need” the sport anymore.

Yet, Carlos agreed to a rematch.  He’s risking everything and potentially throwing away a once in a lifetime opportunity.  In a sport like MMA, where one’s window of opportunity is so small, this is really not the smartest career move.

But he’s a fighter, and that’s what he’s going to do.  Rather than sit out and wait for GSP to heal and prepare for a title fight, Condit is taking on the always dangerous Diaz a second time to prove a point to himself, to the UFC and to the Internet community.  You have to love that spirit, but I’m a little worried it is the wrong move for “The Natural Born Killer.”

I personally don’t want to see MMA turn into boxing, and this move is pushing it closer and closer to the “sweet science” (or is it “sweet business” now?).

To elaborate, Nick Diaz retired and gave up on the sport.  He never shows up for press conferences and he’s a classless individual by all accounts.  That said, he’s a world class fighter and personality, and welterweight champ GSP openly hates him.  Dana White and the UFC want a GSP/Diaz matchup because it will bring in more money and generate more attention than a Condit/GSP matchup.

Just because of this and some internet clamoring, Diaz is granted a free pass from his words.  He said he retired, but he’s instead getting a second chance at a huge opportunity for the interim championship.  Dana White, who is famous for having a short leash with fighters, really dropped the ball here I think, and it’s not because I don’t want to see a rematch (as a fan, I do).  He had to make a statement against Nick Diaz and against that type of selfish behavior, and he didn’t.

What do you think?  Is MMA becoming a little more unethical and bringing in favoritism more and more?  I understand why Condit-Diaz II is happening, I just don’t think it should.  It comprises the integrity of the fight game and of Condit’s future (which he earned),  and that’s just too much to risk.

Let me know what you think.  Do you agree/disagree with the rematch?


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