The “Super-Fantastic-Extra-Amazing-Blog-a-Day-Recap”

Today marks the end of a task unlike any other I had previously attempted.  This past week (Feb. 6-today) our interactive journalism class was required to create one blog post per day and…Well, actually that’s it.  It doesn’t seem such a tall order in writing, but it is actually a lot more difficult in execution than one would expect.

Content, of course, was the main issue I encountered.  Luckily, Nick Diaz’s brash personality and penchant for the hippie lettuce gave me a few articles to discuss, while the UFC’s constantly expanding roster and fight schedule lent me a few other posts.

I was disappointed, however, that I could not focus more on local issues.  I did tie in the national stories to the local scene and to MMA in general, but to get really good stories on a local level, a significant amount of reporting and interviewing is required.  Time constraints simply would not allow that the past week, so my stories ended up being a bit more national than I would like.

Still, I have some great local stories that I will be posting soon; it just was not meant to be on blog-a-day week.

Through this experience, I gained a huge amount of respect for those professionals (and amateurs) who do this (blog) for a living (or on a regular basis) (holy shit, that’s a lot of parentheses).  To come up with relevant and noteworthy information on a regular basis is pretty remarkable, and I learned just how difficult that can be.

Blog-a-day week was a fun and eye-opening experience.  My legs are still a little sore from the sprint, but I just may have to try a 10k and go for another week in the future :D.



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