Where to watch a UFC event in Morgantown

Being a UFC fan in Morgantown means you occasionally have to miss a few fights–or does it?

Between classes, work and your couch-burning career, you might not think you have the time or money to catch the latest and greatest UFC pay-per-view event.

Have no fear! There are some great places just steps from your home where you can catch the fights in all their glory for just a $5 cover charge (compare that to the $55 or $65 price tag you have to pay at home. I know, you can get a lot of beer and wings with the remaining cash 🙂 ).

Check out this Google map, pick your favorite spot, and never miss a fight again.

NOTE: You may have problems viewing the map with Google Chrome. If that is your browser, use this link instead.

Also, if you’ve already visited some of these places to watch a UFC pay-per-view card, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the places you like the most. What were some of your best experiences? Worst?

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Caged Fury 17 Update

The North American Allied Fight Series is bringing professional mixed martial arts back to Morgantown on Friday, April 27 at the Mylan Park Expo Center with their latest installment, Caged Fury 17.

The NAAFS first came to Morgantown in January, when they hosted Caged Fury 16, a sold out show at the Morgantown Event Center.  That fight card featured an abundance of the finest local mixed martial artists as well as the state’s first ever women’s bout.

Ashley Cummins defeated Stephanie Frausto at Caged Fury 16.

Since Caged Fury 16, NAAFS president and CEO Greg Kalikas has been eager to return to Morgantown.

We’re excited about it. We were very happy with the success of the first show and we look forward to coming back.


After the organization’s successful trip in January, Kalikas also recognized that he needed to book a larger venue to optimize ticket sales and allow as many fans as possible the chance to experience a live mixed martial arts event.

To avoid another quick sellout which left many potential fight-goers disappointed, Kalikas, along with Simons Promotions, booked the Mylan Park Expo Center to host the upcoming card.

“We moved to the Mylan Center for more room after selling out the Event Center so quickly,” Kalikas said.  “[In January] we turned away literally thousands of people, and this venue will give us at least another thousand seats to fill.”

For those who were drawn to Caged Fury 16 for the heavy dose of local fighters, there is plenty to be excited about with April’s fight card.  While the full fight card is still being composed, local professional standouts Nathan “Bamm” Bryant and Ronell Green are confirmed to be on the bill.

Ronnell Green smiles after defeating Amos Collins at Caged Fury 16.

Along with this, Kalikas promises an even better production and atmosphere for the event, so for those who enjoyed the electricity of Caged Fury 16, April’s card promises to crank up the voltage.

 “The state overall is going to explode with MMA and we’re excited to be getting into it,” said Kalikas.  “Since MMA is so new to West Virginia, we don’t want peoples’ first experience with the sport to be a bad one, so we’re always looking to put on great shows.”

If the sellout of Caged Fury 16 and the fact that half the tickets are already sold for Caged Fury 17 is any indication, Morgantown is happy to welcome the NAAFS back.

Tickets can be purchased through the NAAFS or Simons Promotions.

Judging again, should we care anymore?

Ahh yes, another rant about judging in mixed martial arts.  Rather than belabor the point anymore, let’s just get to our most recent (and most significant) controversy.

On Friday night’s UFC on FX 2 card, fans across the world were treated to a delightful night of fights.  We had knockouts, submissions, a great start to the UFC’s flyweight divisional tournament and an absolutely amazing main event.

So what happened?

UFC president Dana White dropped an absolute bomb (not his usual kind of the “f” word variety either!) in the post-fight press conference: the night’s flyweight matchup between Demetrious Johnson and Ian McCall, which saw Johnson take home a controversial split decision victory, was in fact a DRAW!

Here’s why this matters:

1) The fight decided who went to the finals of the UFC’s inaugural flyweight tournament.

2) White announced that, should one of the two flyweight fights be scored a draw after three rounds, we would see a fourth sudden victory round (didn’t happen, but should have!).

3) It brings up the point that maybe the people, not the system itself, are broken.

4) Now Joseph Benavidez, the night’s other flyweight winner, will have to wait for the Johnson vs. McCall rematch before fighting for the flyweight title.  That is, now he has a long layoff to potentially get injured, out of shape, etc.

It isn’t fair to Johnson and McCall, the sport’s fans or Benavidez in my opinion.  It isn’t the UFC or Dana White’s fault, it sits squarely on the judges shoulders, and I think we need to see some more accountability from them.  We have heard nothing on their end, while we did have an apology from White.  I get that he’s the figure-head of the UFC, but he’s not the one that needs to apologize.

For the great card it was, UFC on FX 2 left a bad taste in my mouth with this judging mishap, and that’s just a shame.

What do you guys think?  What can we do about judging in MMA?  It’s an area that seems to just be getting worse, so what would you do about it and what do you want to see in the future from MMA judges?

Great News from the NAAFS!

Fight fans in the Mountain State won’t have to wait much longer for another professional MMA event; the NAAFS has just announced Caged Fury 17, which will take place Friday, April 27 at 7 p.m.  in Morgantown, W. Va. at the Mylan Park Expo Center.

After a sold out event at Caged Fury 16, I highly recommend snatching up your tickets now for the event; they won’t last long!

Stay tuned for fight card info and interviews with the fighters!