Where to watch a UFC event in Morgantown

Being a UFC fan in Morgantown means you occasionally have to miss a few fights–or does it?

Between classes, work and your couch-burning career, you might not think you have the time or money to catch the latest and greatest UFC pay-per-view event.

Have no fear! There are some great places just steps from your home where you can catch the fights in all their glory for just a $5 cover charge (compare that to the $55 or $65 price tag you have to pay at home. I know, you can get a lot of beer and wings with the remaining cash 🙂 ).

Check out this Google map, pick your favorite spot, and never miss a fight again.

NOTE: You may have problems viewing the map with Google Chrome. If that is your browser, use this link instead.

Also, if you’ve already visited some of these places to watch a UFC pay-per-view card, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the places you like the most. What were some of your best experiences? Worst?

Until next time,

The Coalfist

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