Surprise, surprise…The “Reem” is on ‘roids.

Well, I guess we should have seen this one coming.

Alistair Overeem, who is was slated to challenge Junior Dos Santos for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, has tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone.  The results were found in a surprise drug test prior to UFC 146.

Per MMAWeekly and Nevada State Athletic Commissioner Keitih Kizer:

Overeem tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone with a 10 to 1 ratio for his T/E levels, which is the level of testosterone vs. epitestosterone. A normal, healthy adult male typically has a T/E ratio of about 1 to 1.

The pre-fight test was done in part because of Nevada’s out of competition testing system, so following the UFC 146 pre-fight press conference all six athletes there were tested.

The other five athletes – Junior Dos Santos, Roy Nelson, Antonio Silva, Cain Velasqeuz and Frank Mir – all had negative test results.

So what now?  Everybody speculated that Overeem was juicing, but nobody could prove it.


Now we can.  An opportunity wasted, and a great fight ruined…*sigh*

Who would you like to see JDS fight now?  Mir?  Velasquez?  Me?

Let me know who you think the most worthy opponent for JDS’ strap is now that Overeem has found himself in a sea of hormonal sorrow and is likely out of UFC 146.


2 comments on “Surprise, surprise…The “Reem” is on ‘roids.

  1. He still has the chance to appeal and have his other sample tested, or he could claim testosterone replacement therapy, which is what all the juicers do these days.

    • thecoalfist says:

      Yeah, those are still possibilities, but it’s seeming unlikely that he’ll be able to get licensed at this point. Even if he claims TRT or produces a clean “B” sample, I think his “legacy” is tainted now. Everyone suspected he was juicing, and now we have something to justify our suspicions (other than his 60 lb. lean muscle gain in a year haha).

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