About Me

Hello friends and acquaintances!  Since you’ve taken the time to visit my humble blog, I feel it is only fair to give you a more in-depth look at the man behind the words.

While convention says not to judge a book by its cover, I’ve included this photo because, well, you can judge this book by its cover.

Yes, that is a Metallica shirt.

Yes, that is an EMG pickups hat.

I love music of all sorts, but I am undoubtedly a “metalhead,” and music plays a huge part in my life.

I oftentimes post instructional videos to YouTube for those interested in playing the guitar, and I also love learning and experimenting with the latest and greatest gear for the craft.

What that photo does not explicitly tell you, however,  is that I am a student at West Virginia University where I am majoring in print journalism.

Currently, I am a featured columnist at Bleacher Report, where I ramble about all things MMA.

In addition to this, I am the editor for the Arts & Entertainment section of our school’s newspaper, The Daily Athenaeum

Apart from writing and music, I am an avid sports fan with particular interests in mixed martial arts and professional basketball and football, so feel free to chat me up on any of those topics as well.

That pretty well sums up the vital information you cannot find on my driver’s license, so without further ranting, enjoy the blog, and feel free to contact me with any questions, criticisms or random comments of your own.


9 comments on “About Me

  1. Lorben Concepcion says:

    Hi, there. I’ve a big fan of your articles in Bleacher Reports and your blog here. It’s funny though because we are the age which got me thinking that maybe I can start writing about my passion in MMA. I would like to think I’m an adequate writer but I am inexperienced. I want to apply to Bleacher Reports as a columnist so I decided to start my own blog covering topics like MMA, music, and anything else I wish.

    Is there any advice or tips you can offer someone like me who is absolutely green about being an “online journalist” of sorts? And what I can expect or have to deal with concerning my application to Bleacher Reports? Thank you.

    • thecoalfist says:

      Hey, Lorben, what’s up man? I recognize your name from B/R, and I’m glad you also check out my blog from time to time!

      I’m happy to hear you are considering publishing some of your own work. I personally love doing it, and it really doesn’t even feel like a job to me. Judging from your activity commenting on B/R, I think you’ll find producing your own content particularly satisfying.

      The first thing I urge you to do is write as often as you possibly can. If you get an idea or something tickles your fancy, write about it. Even it’s a 100-word blurb, put it down. Practice makes perfect, after all.

      Secondly: read. I think this is the most underrated “training tool” for a writer. When you read, it opens your mind to new ideas, new phrases, new words, etc. without you even being aware of these developments. I read about one novel every month plus countless online articles, and I think this helps my writing tremendously.

      Concerning your application to B/R, from what I remember, you provide standard information and then submit a blog post or article for them to review your writing style/efficiency. If you would like me to help you with this, I will gladly review your articles and give you a free critique.

      Again, thanks for your support! It truly means a lot to me, and I hope you continue to follow me on B/R and here on wordpress!

      Take care.

      • Lorben Concepcion says:

        Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply and helping me out. I will most definitely get back to you once I decide to apply for BR. Thanks again.

      • thecoalfist says:

        No problem, buddy. Best of luck to you.

  2. Lorben Concepcion says:

    *same age

  3. Ben Salinas says:

    Hey there, it’s me again. This time I was wondering if you could read one of the MMA articles on my blog and give me feedback or pointers on how to improve. Thanks.


    • Hunter A. Homistek says:

      Hey, Ben! I just checked out your blog, and I like the ideas you’re tossing around. Your breakdown of what went wrong for JDS at UFC 155 was cool, and I think you can do well with ideas like that in the future.

      Make sure your formatting is consistent throughout; I saw some weird color changes in that first paragraph that were a little unsettling.

      There were a few grammatical errors as well (nothing too major to be honest). Overall, I liked your tone and voice, and it’s clear you’re a capable writer.

      I would advise you to post as often as possible. Keep tossing around ideas and putting them on paper (or…on computer screen in this case). It will help you grow as a writer, and you will also learn what works and what doesn’t.

      Either way, I enjoyed it, and I hope you keep it up! If you need any help or advice, you know where to find me. 😀

  4. Ben Salinas says:

    This is me Lorben, Bendo, etc. lol…I just wanted to use a shortened version of my name this time.

    • Hunter A. Homistek says:

      Also (I forgot to mention this), I like the idea you have of covering multiple topics, and I’m sure that is fun for you, but it is usually a better idea to have a refined focus for your blog (MMA, music, TV, etc. — but not all four).

      If you don’t want the blog to go “big time,” so to speak, it’s no big deal, but it is just something to keep in mind.

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