Lavar Johnson will be the cause of Brendan Schaub’s retirement.


After a successful stint on season 10 of The Ultimate fighter that saw him take runner-up honors, Brendan Schaub looked primed to become one of the heavyweight division’s top contenders.

He had all the size and power of a heavyweight, with the speed and athleticism of a much lighter fighter, and this contrast led him to victories in four straight Octagon appearances, including bouts against Gabriel Gonzaga and Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic.

Since his devastating knockout victory over the Croatian legend, though, Schaub has fallen on rough times, and he has his chin squarely to blame.

Because of his inability to take a punch, Schaub’s upcoming bout against Lavar Johnson at UFC on Fox 5 will be his last before settling into retirement.

Here’s why.


K-1 U.S. Grand Prix full video


For those unaware, K-1 kickboxing invaded the United States this past Saturday.

The promotion has big plans for kickboxing in the states moving forward, and this first event started them off with a bang.
On the card were rising kickboxers Jarrell Miller, James Wilson, Damien Early and legends like Rick Roufus and Seth Petruzelli (It might be for the wrong reasons, but the man is a legend in my book).

Check out the action below, and be sure to hit up @K1GlobalTV and @JDFlick13 on Twitter for more exciting K-1 news.

Check out the video here.

Caged Fury 19 canceled, future unsure

Another day, another canceled MMA event.

Just weeks after the UFC announced its first canceled card in promotional history, regional MMA promotion the NAAFS has canceled its Caged Fury 19 card, which was slated for Sept. 15 at the Morgantown Event Center.

If current information is any indication, details concerning the cancellation are going to get juicy.

For the full story to this moment, check out coverage from our friends at StandThemUp.

Be sure to check back, as I will provide updates on the situation as they come in.


Top 10 “OH S&@!” Moments in MMA history

CREDIT: Francis Specker/

What an erratic sport we love.

MMA is, without question, one of the most unpredictable sports in the world, and that makes each and every event an absolutely nerve-wracking watch.  Knockouts, submissions and who-knows-what-else lurk around the corner each and every second, and one can never truly know how a bout will unfold.

Sometimes the end is prolonged and stretched out over the duration of a match, leaving a judges’ decision to crown the victor.

Other times, however, the end is sudden, brutal and downright scary.  For these times, check out the slideshow I have assembled via

Sometimes, you just have to jump out of your seat and yell “OH S*@!” on fight night.  The following slides commemorate these glorious times, so sit back and enjoy the show ladies and gentlemen.

Saddle up, and click here for the full story.

Down goes UFC 151! Down goes UFC 151!


Ladies and gentlemen, I never thought I would see the day.

For the first time in 11 years, a UFC event has been canceled.

Per Jeremy Botter of Bleacher Report, who was on a conference call:

Making this all the more devastating for MMA fans across the globe, this was not just any event– it featured a title fight in the main event between the legendary Dan Henderson and Nike’s new poster boy Jon Jones.

Speculative minds were figuring on UFC 151 to draw similar numbers to that of UFC 148, which featured the much-anticipated rematch between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen.

In other words, it was going to be massive.

Adding to all this, Chael Sonnen reportedly accepted to fill in for Hendo against Jones, but Jones declined.  Why would he do that?

It is a risk, and it was a risk he was not willing to take for whatever reasons.  Maybe Jones himself was not where he wanted to be in the fight and saw the injury as a nice way out.  I do not know, but there are some theories to chew on.

Dana White also reported that the fight was offered to Lyoto Machida, next in line for the light heavyweight belt, but “The Dragon” declined.

That one makes more sense: Who wants to fight Jones on eight days’ notice?

What do you guys make of this?  Should Jones have accepted Sonnen?

Will this occur more frequently now in the UFC?

Let’s hope not.
I, for one, am devastated enough as it is.

A recap of Caged Fury 17, presented to you by Storify

Caged Fury 17 brought a great night of fights back to Morgantown after the NAAFS‘ successful run at Caged Fury 16 in January.

Check out my storify of the event to see what went down.

Also, check out the work the Daily Athenaeum’s Matt Sunday did shooting the event; the pictures are phenomenal.

Here’s a little taste for ya; be sure to check out the links for more!


Need a laugh? Look no further.

I stumbled upon this video today and knew I had to share it.

It’s just that damn funny.

If you consider yourself an MMA fan on any level, you’re going to get a kick out of those impressions, I guarantee it.

Leave me a comment and tell me whose impression was your favorite/least favorite!