Down goes UFC 151! Down goes UFC 151!


Ladies and gentlemen, I never thought I would see the day.

For the first time in 11 years, a UFC event has been canceled.

Per Jeremy Botter of Bleacher Report, who was on a conference call:

Making this all the more devastating for MMA fans across the globe, this was not just any event– it featured a title fight in the main event between the legendary Dan Henderson and Nike’s new poster boy Jon Jones.

Speculative minds were figuring on UFC 151 to draw similar numbers to that of UFC 148, which featured the much-anticipated rematch between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen.

In other words, it was going to be massive.

Adding to all this, Chael Sonnen reportedly accepted to fill in for Hendo against Jones, but Jones declined.  Why would he do that?

It is a risk, and it was a risk he was not willing to take for whatever reasons.  Maybe Jones himself was not where he wanted to be in the fight and saw the injury as a nice way out.  I do not know, but there are some theories to chew on.

Dana White also reported that the fight was offered to Lyoto Machida, next in line for the light heavyweight belt, but “The Dragon” declined.

That one makes more sense: Who wants to fight Jones on eight days’ notice?

What do you guys make of this?  Should Jones have accepted Sonnen?

Will this occur more frequently now in the UFC?

Let’s hope not.
I, for one, am devastated enough as it is.